Getting Around


The dashboard page where all attention highlights you need are here. These overview includes listings application status, number of unread messages, access to clockio, payroll management and more.


The Diary page consists of a calendar and an upcoming schedule. This is where you can manage & check your business and staffs’ working schedule. Within the calendar, the resource view will show you the weekly worked hour of individual staffs for you to effectively manage your part time staffs and OT arrangement.


Your correspondence record with your staffs or jobseekers in the listing comment section will be recorded here. Notifications, such as interview arrangement for leave application request, will also be shown here.


Your list of outlets along with their respective listing are created & managed here. At this page, you may edit outlets and listings information, control listing’s public/private status and more.


Import and view your staff pool here. CV, and contacts are stored in the address book whereas manager and staff rights are also managed here under group management.


Process your payroll here. Prepare your payslips with auto-extracted pay information based on your rosters. Have the CPF auto calculated as well as the GIRO file ready for GIRO payment.
Note: To activate payroll function, please contact your account manager.


For your budget control, you would want to know how much you’ve paid to your staffs, and how much they have worked. While resource view on Diary gives you the weekly overview, the monthly overview is shown here with a better-detailed illustration.


Whenever you encounter questions you can always come here for support! You will be taught how to manage your own account and use the platform to enhance your business.


On the drop down menu from your profile picture – located on the upper right hand corner of the menu bar – select your name to access the profile page. You can edit your contact details, business info account and recruitment settings over here.