About Schedo-it!

What is Schedo-it!? 

Freeboh.com is a web based, integrated platform specialised in hiring solution for shift-based hires. This is a growing platform where businesses can get hires ranging from full-time, part-time to intern or ad-hoc staffs. Its subdomain, schedoit.freeboh.com provides a comprehensive, demand-based workforce management starting from recruitment, scheduling all the way to attendance record and payroll. Via this platform you as a business can optimises your workforce and manage your resources in a time-efficient manners, while staying cost-effective. 

Our Mission:
To revolutionise the scope of shift-based marketplace

Why Us? We have more to offer.

Targeted Candidates
  • A large and growing pool of registered jobseekers with majority as PRs and Singaporean
  • Map-based job search with listing summary on home page aim to narrow down candidates to only those with real interest for your job
  • Transparent listings with detailed information including JD, location and work time to attract the RIGHT applicants

Comprehensive System
  • An integrated solution for workforce management from recruitment, scheduling, workforce tracking to payroll that helps to optimise use of resources

Time Efficiency
  • Web based platform to access anytime, anywhere with zero lead-time
  • Standardised real-time update applicant’s profile with personal detail & skill sets for efficient online screening
  • Instant or daily email notifications to get you updated & to response

Cost Effective
  • Result-based charging model that comes with a cost
  • Full control on listing’s on & off based on your needs
  • We are not an agency, no commission is charged

Proven Result
  • Majority of our client managed to keep their hiring cost below market rate and managed to gather a pool of backup staffs for future contingency
  • Faster management process is observed with transparent data to track

Our partners 

We have worked with big and small businesses including KOI, 4 Fingers, Subway, Mothercare, Pet’s Station, Challengers, Hilton and many more, providing a hiring platform for variety of position includes but not limited to office admins, telesales, retail, events and F&Bs. 

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