Putting the human in human resources with easy staff management

Manage leave without leaving the roster

Find out who has applied for leave and approve or reject leave applications with one click, directly from your diary. Each leave entry records the date and time, leave type, notes, and images (such as proof of medical leave) for easy retrieval at anytime. That’s less paperwork and more time for the important things.

Maximising your resources

The handy resource view allows you to check total weekly work hours of each staff. Employees who have worked more than 44 hours that week can easily be identified with intuitive colour codes, and gives you enough time to amend your roster. By managing overtime, you can maximise your resources, minimize cost, and keep your workforce happy at the same time!

Employee profiles and information

Want to wish an employee happy birthday (it’s in the roster!), or give them a pat in the back for all their hard work last week? No problem! Just tap on their names to view their contact information. Integrated with the phone dialer, call your employees directly from the app and hear the appreciation in their voices!

Virtual noticeboard

Announcements and notices about promotions or policies can easily be broadcasted to your pool of employees. Simply send them an in-app individual or group message, and they will be notified via SMS. Contact information can be sorted by branch for easy reference and retrieval.

Keep your employees happy by paying attention, and keep your customers happier with a team that goes beyond the call of duty! Start managing your workforce with Schedo-it today!

Schedoit can simplify your workflow, not just at staff management, but all the way from hiring to payroll! Find out more about how you can make use of our integrated suite below!