Take control with paperless payroll processing

Seamless information flow

Payroll processing is often a stressful time as the team grapples with boxes and boxes of paper. Say goodbye to those days with our paperless payroll process that automatically captures information from rostering and timekeeping. Know instantly how many hours each staff worked, and how much they are due to be paid.

Customisable adjustments

Our software allows you to customize bonuses, tips, and other incentives according to your business rules. Simply make these adjustments to each staff’s payroll with a few clicks, and generate a detailed, MOM-compliant payslip.

Integration with payment methods

Want to pay by cheque, cash or bank GIRO? We’ve got it covered! We can even generate the CPF upload files for painless processing.

Minimise human errors with an integrated payroll process and reduce staff turnover with timely and accurate salary payments. Want to see how Schedo-it can help you spend less time paying? Request a demo today!

Schedoit can simplify your workflow, not just at payroll, but all the way from hiring to payroll! Find out more about how you can make use of our integrated suite below!