Experience the power of rostering with Schedo-it!

Quicker and Better Staff Rostering

Rostering takes mere minutes with Schedo-it. A simple click-and-drag is all it takes to add a shift to your calendar. Before you know it, you’ll have a full manpower plan showing all the shifts you require. Allocate your staff to the shifts from a simple dropdown menu. Publish the schedule and notify your staff with the push of a button. Copy and paste across weeks to save even more time!

Just one interface

Within the same calendar, create shifts for different positions across multiple outlets! Filter your view by outlet or position for a clear view of each individual roster, or see everything in a glance and discover shifts that are already full or understaffed with the automated colour tagging. Staff leave and birthdays can also be found in the same calendar!

Engage your team

If desired, offer your staff the option to indicate which shifts they would prefer to work, eliminating the need for the same conversations week after week. After they’ve placed their bids, just accept or decline their bids to fill up your roster. Imagine: no more WhatsApp group chats with your pool of part-timers!

Access our marketplace

Have an unfilled shift? No worries. By simply clicking on the ‘Publish’ button, receive shift applications from our pool of 40,000 local jobseekers. Shifts that are already full will be indicated in red so you only receive applicants for shifts that are still vacant. Say goodbye to slow processes and physical hiring ads!

Dynamic, cloud-based roster

Your dynamic cloud-based roster can be viewed and accessed at any time by your team. Their shifts will also be synced to their phone calendars so they won’t miss out on any changes, and alerts can be set up to remind them before the start of each shift!


By allowing your staff to pick their own shifts to work based on their availability, you increase staff happiness as well as reduce last minute no-shows. Boost staff morale and productivity and start rostering with Schedo-it today!

Schedoit can simplify your workflow, not just at rostering, but all the way from hiring to payroll! Find out more about how you can make use of our integrated suite below!