Simplify your workflow with our integrated selfie-based time-keeping

No special hardware required

Staff can clock in on a common terminal or via their smartphones without the need to install costly hardware. All information is captured in real time, and securely synced with your roster, staff profiles, and manager dashboards instantly.

Honest clocking- with a smile!

Our clocking module comes with face detection to prevent bogus clocking. Your team members take a selfie upon clocking to encourage honest reporting, and start their shift with a cheerful smile! Managers can view all the photos from their dashboard from any location, verifying staff attendance in under 10 seconds.

Portable and reliable

Have an off-site event or pop-up store? Our clocking system also comes with kiosk mode where it makes use of Geofence to ensure that your team members are at the right place, at the right time. Not only that, your employees can also log in via their own smartphones to clock in/out when they are at your specified location!

Integrated with payroll calculation

No more manually reconciling schedules and physical time-cards before payday! Set wage tabulation criteria such as grace periods and pro-rates upon setup, and accurate wages can be accessed anytime with the click of a button. No more disputes with your staff, and more time for you to run your business.

Say goodbye to dusty old physical timesheets and error-prone data entry, and hello to better timekeeping! Rediscover convenient, honest, and reliable timekeeping and starclocking with Schedo-it today!

Schedoit can simplify your workflow, not just at clocking and timekeeping, but all the way from hiring to payroll! Find out more about how you can make use of our integrated suite below!