A HR solution that tells you everything, in real time

HR Management that boosts productivity, staff morale, and workplace happiness!


Crowdsourced Dynamic Roster



Real-time Clocking Data



Instant Access to Staff Profiles



Seamless Integrated Payroll



Human touch without human errors

Simply click and drag to create a roster in mere minutes. Fill up your shifts by allocating your employees with a simple dropdown menu, by hiring from our marketplace, or by asking your staff to bid for your vacant shifts.


Kick off your shift with a smile!

Use our selfie-based clocking module (with geofencing!). No special hardware required! Clock-in data is instantly synced with payroll, manager dashboards, and employee statistics— like magic, only more reliable.

Staff Administration

Putting the human in human resources

See which your teammates are working, on leave, or have their birthdays with just a quick glance of the Diary. Reach out for backup staff for any unfilled shifts and contact teammates with just a single tap.


Full control with real-time & paperless payroll processing

Process payrolls in minutes, not hour or days! Automatically retrieve data from rostering and timekeeping. Discover the most hardworking team member (who may feel great with a little recognition). Minimise human errors with an integrated payroll process and mazimise happiness with timely and accurate salary payments.

Experience seamless HR Management with less paperwork today.

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  • PIC-Claimable SaaS Solution
  • Minimal Training Required
  • Backup Manpower from Hiring Marketplace
  • Crowdsourced Dynamic Roster
  • Instant-access Staff Management
  • Attendance & Time-keeping Modules
  • Fully Integrated Payroll Process