Looking for a dynamic individual, who oversees all technical aspects and technological resources

E-Commerce Technical Officer (Full Time)


 Looking for a dynamic individual, who oversees all technical aspects and technological resources


Job Description

  • Works with other departments to use new technologies to streamline company policies and rules
  • Conducts research to improve the technological assets of a company
  • Manages any digital media assets
  • Develops and enhances a company's website to increase site traffic
  • Identifies competitive advantages and technological trends for the benefit of a company
  • Directs the development and possible implementation of policies in instances of a breach
    Job Requirements

    • Singaporeans/PRs only
    • Minimum a bachelor degree in IT or its equivalent
    • At least 10 years of working experience in the information technology industry
    • Knowledge in networking and data center management
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Passion for technology 
    • Leadership and organizational abilities
    • Strategic thinking & problem solving aptitude
      E-Commerce Technical Officer (Full Time)

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